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Do you recognize the person in the mirror? Have you found that your skin is slowly changing as you age, and want to do something about it? While plastic surgeries such as facelifts and browlifts are used to reduce the wrinkles and folds on the face associated with aging, it is not always the right choice for all patients. In fact, many patients with mild to moderate signs of aging caused by skin laxity are better suited for less invasive options such as dermal fillers. 

What are dermal fillers? 

Dr. Jeffrey Hartog of The Bougainvillea Clinique in Winter Park, FL describes dermal fillers are injectable gels that include hyaluronic acid, a naturally-occurring substance in the skin that attracts water molecules. When a dermal filler is injected into a wrinkle or fold on the face, it provides instant fill and smooths the skin. Dermal fillers administered by a skilled and experienced provider will ensure natural-looking results and long-lasting changes. 

Who is a good candidate for dermal fillers? 

Cosmetic dermal fillers are a great alternative to surgical interventions used to address the signs of aging. Because of this, it is great for a wide range of potential patients. Wrinkles and folds caused by skin laxity and aging are easily corrected with simple injections in the facial area. The best candidates for dermal fillers are patients without any allergies to the product’s ingredients and who want to smooth areas of the face in a more temporary manner. 

How long do dermal fillers last? 

Most of the dermal fillers used at The Bougainvillea Clinique will last several months before reinjection is needed. This allows patients the ability to maintain the results longer with routine visits. If patients do not return for maintenance fillers, their current dermal filler will gradually be absorbed by the body and the wrinkles and folds will return. 

Are you ready to restore your youthful appearance without surgery? 

Contact the team at The Bougainvillea Clinique of Winter Park, FL to speak to Dr. Jeffrey Hartog about the benefits of dermal fillers and other cosmetic injectables available at his office. His facility is located at 4355 Bear Gully Road and can be reached for booking an appointment at (407) 678-3116. 


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