Cathy Smith
Cathy Smith
Anna Politi is amazing! I come and see her monthly and highly recommend her.
Sharon Walters
Sharon Walters
Exceptional Botox and Filler Treatments – A Truly Life-Changing Experience! From the moment I stepped into the clinic for my Botox and filler treatments, I knew I was in for a remarkable experience. The welcoming and professional atmosphere immediately put me at ease, and the knowledgeable and friendly staff were genuinely attentive to my needs and concerns. Roshani is an artist in her craft, skillfully assessing my face and providing customized recommendations for my unique needs. I was thoroughly impressed with her expertise, and her warm demeanor made the whole experience enjoyable and comfortable. The clinic itself is impeccably clean, with state-of-the-art equipment and a serene ambiance. They take patient care and comfort to the next level, ensuring you feel relaxed and confident throughout the entire process. As for the results, I am simply overjoyed! My face has never looked or felt better, and I've received countless compliments on my rejuvenated and natural appearance. The Botox and filler treatments have not only erased years from my face but also boosted my self-confidence tremendously. In summary, I cannot recommend this clinic highly enough for their outstanding Botox and filler treatments. The exceptional service, skillful techniques, and life-changing results have made me a loyal client for life. If you're considering Botox or fillers, look no further – this is the place to go!
Agnes Reynoso
Agnes Reynoso
Thank you Ana for taking such good care of my skin! Your the best 💕
Angela Critzer
Angela Critzer
Amazing staff! Anna did a fabulous job giving me a Diamond Glow facial. Also she was so helpful picking out and explaining the best skincare regimen for my face.
Maylin Hernandez
Maylin Hernandez
The staff is very informative and friendly! I was seen quickly and efficiently. The provider is amazing and went step by step on what was going to happen and what was best for me. Loved this clinic and will come again!
Elisha Foxx
Elisha Foxx
Dr. Sweeney was very patient answering my many questions he explained and educated me about my procedure, definitely would recommend the consultant. The staff was very thoughtful and nice.
Anuhar Pal
Anuhar Pal
I had been looking for a new place to get my forehead Botox for a while (my last place is so far away) And this is 2 mins from my work, I was able to get in and out during my lunch break. Hoping I can make this my go to place for all esthetic needs So far I was very happy, the clinic , the staff , the service was great

Navigating weight loss is challenging for many. It is hindered by slow metabolism, nutritional deficiencies, and poor detoxification, which can stall progress. This cycle of ineffective dieting and exercise can lead to frustration and defeat. Often, traditional weight loss methods don’t meet expectations, deepening disappointment.

At The Bougainvillea Clinique in Oviedo, FL, we pride ourselves on offering comprehensive weight loss solutions tailored to each individual’s unique needs. Weight loss is more than just a matter of appearance; it’s about enhancing your health and well-being through scientifically backed methods. Our dedication to weight loss stems from a deep understanding of its significant role in promoting a healthier lifestyle and preventing health-related issues.

The 4Ms: Our Suite of Weight Loss Services

At The Bougainvillea Clinique, our approach to weight loss transcends traditional methods, embracing a holistic strategy we call the 4Ms: Medicine, Meal Plans, Movement, and Machines. This comprehensive suite is designed to tackle weight loss from every angle, ensuring you receive a tailored experience catered to your health goals and lifestyle preferences.


Central to our medical weight loss services are weekly semaglutide injections. These injections for weight loss can help regulate appetite and improve metabolic health, facilitating sustainable weight loss alongside a balanced diet and regular exercise.

Meal Plans

Nutrition plays a pivotal role in weight loss management. Our customized meal plans are crafted to fit into your daily life, emphasizing wholesome, nutritious foods that support weight loss while keeping you satisfied and energized.


A personalized walking plan forms the backbone of our movement strategy. We believe in simplicity and consistency; thus, our walking plans are designed to integrate seamlessly into your routine, promoting cardiovascular health and aiding in weight loss.


Our weight loss program includes the latest non-invasive body sculpting and skin tightening treatments. Combining weight loss with body contouring helps get the most out of the program and ensures that your journey to weight loss is complemented by aesthetic enhancements.

Benefits of the 4Ms

Enhanced Metabolic Health

Our approach to weight loss significantly improves metabolic health, reducing the risk of diabetes and heart disease. This is achieved through dietary guidance, physical activity, and medical interventions.

Sustainable Weight Management

Weight management is made sustainable through our tailored programs, designed to fit your lifestyle and preferences. This ensures long-term success and helps maintain the weight loss achieved.

Increased Physical Activity

Incorporating movement into your routine enhances cardiovascular health and increases overall physical activity. Our personalized plans make regular exercise an attainable goal.

Customized Nutritional Plans

Nutrition plays a critical role in weight loss. Our customized meal plans ensure nourishment with the right foods to support your weight loss journey without sacrificing satisfaction.

Improved Body Composition

Our weight loss program focuses on improving body composition and reducing fat while preserving or increasing muscle mass. This leads to a healthier, more balanced physique.

Personalized Support and Guidance

We offer personalized support and guidance throughout your weight loss journey. This ensures you have the knowledge and tools to achieve your goals.

Increased Energy Levels

Excess weight can lead to fatigue and lethargy. Our weight management program helps you regain vitality, enabling you to engage more actively in daily activities and enjoy a more dynamic lifestyle.

Better Sleep Quality

Weight loss is often associated with improved sleep patterns. Reducing weight can alleviate sleep apnea and snoring, leading to more restful nights, and daily exercise can further enhance sleep quality by promoting physical tiredness and facilitating the transition into deeper sleep phases.

Controlled Appetite and Improved Eating Habits

Our weight loss program focuses on sustainable eating habits. Achieving weight loss often results in better control over appetite. Our weight loss injections can help control appetite even further, helping you consistently make healthier food choices.

Enhanced Skin Health

You may notice improvements in your skin’s health and appearance as you lose weight. This is often due to a better diet and improved circulation resulting from weight loss.

Wondering if our Weight Loss
program is Right For You?
Find Out Today.

Frequently Asked Questions About Weight Loss Services

How Long Does It Take to See Results With Your Weight Loss Program?

The timeframe to see results varies depending on individual health goals, current weight, and commitment to the program. Typically, patients notice changes within a few weeks, with more significant results appearing over several months.

Do I Need to Continue the Program After Reaching My Weight Loss Goal?

We recommend ongoing support and modifications to your program to maintain your weight loss and continue benefiting from improved health. We can adjust your plan to focus on maintenance and healthy living strategies.

How Do We Support Weight Loss Maintenance After the Initial Program?

Our commitment to your health extends beyond the initial weight loss. We provide ongoing support, including nutritional counseling, fitness planning, and periodic check-ins, to help you maintain your weight loss. Additionally, we can adjust or add treatments as needed to address any new goals or concerns.

Is the Weight Loss Program Customizable for Vegetarians or Those With Specific Dietary Restrictions?

Our nutritional plans are fully customizable to accommodate vegetarians, vegans, and individuals with dietary restrictions such as gluten intolerance or food allergies. Our goal is to ensure your meal plan is effective for weight loss and enjoyable and sustainable long-term.

Start Your Journey to Wellness With a Weight Loss Plan in Oviedo, FL

The Bougainvillea Clinique in Oviedo, FL, stands out with our distinctive approach to weight loss, combining years of expertise with the latest medical research. We provide personalized plans for your health and aesthetic aspirations, enhanced by our advanced, non-invasive body sculpting and skin tightening services. You can experience a weight loss program designed for your lifestyle and backed by professionals focused on your success. Start your transformation journey with us. Book your consultation online or by calling (407) 678-3116 and move toward a healthier, vibrant future.


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