Scarless Breast Augmentation with Fat Transfer – An Alternative Approach

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Liposuction and simultaneous Breast Augmentation – Don’t waste that fat!

The female breast is made up of breast tissue and fat, so it makes perfect sense that the best material for breast augmentation would be fat from your own body. While plastic surgeons have realized this concept for quite some time, there have been concerns about how fat grafting may affect the detection of breast cancer. These concerns have caused plastic surgeons to proceed with caution with grafting fat for breast augmentation.

Improved fat grafting techniques have been devised in the last several years; these advances have provided significantly improved results and have alleviated earlier concerns regarding the detection of breast cancer after fat grafting.

It is now possible to provide predictable results using your own fat for breast augmentation for small to moderate size breast augmentation such as a B or C cup (or larger) if you already have moderate size breasts.

In the past, fat grafting for breast augmentation would usually call for several procedures to be performed to successfully achieve the desired breast size; however, by preparing the breast with a simple tissue expansion device prior to the fat grafting procedure, we are able to create larger, softer breasts with more predictable results with a single fat grafting procedure in most cases.

As we come to understand more about fat grafting, we are learning that fat is an excellent source of stem cells, which enhance healing and facilitate normal tissue restoration after the tissue has been injured (e.g. following radiation for breast cancer. The great news is that it is finally possible to perform fat grafting for breast reconstruction after women have had mastectomies for breast cancer.

Now Offering Fat Grafting for Breast Augmentation

The Bougainvillea Clinique is now offering breast augmentation using your own fat, combining liposuction and fat grafting to obtain beautiful, natural results. Fat grafting eliminates any risks related to breast implant procedures such as loss of nipple sensation, capsular contracture or hardening, or implant deflation. We are also going to use fat grafting to cover saline implant rippling and even for treatment of capsular contracture.

An added advantage is that women can now enjoy the benefit of liposuction to reduce the unwanted fat around your stomach and thighs, and at the same procedure use the fat removed to enhance your breasts. Using meticulous liposuction techniques and newly developed instruments to gently harvest and prepare the fat, the procedure can now be done much more economically than before, with minimal discomfort, rapid recovery, and high predictability of fat survival.

Fat grafting for breast augmentation will not be an option for all patients, particularly very slim women who want fairly large breasts. However, it is ideal for women with moderate size breasts who have lost volume after pregnancy who want their youthful fullness restored, while at the same time flattening those unwanted bulges that have developed over the years.

The procedure is also ideal for younger women who only want a moderate enlargement but want to avoid the use of breast implants. If you live in Central Florida including Orlando or Winter Park, and would like more information about liposuction combined with fat grafting for breast augmentation, please contact us to schedule a consultation at the Bougainvillea Clinique.

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