About the Breast Augmentation Procedure

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Dr. Walt Sweeney has performed over 10,000 breast augmentations and has refined his technique to maximize safety, minimize recovery time, and ensure the best possible results. Here’s how you know you are in the best hands at The Bougainvillea Clinique:

Accredited Surgical Facility

All of our breast augmentation procedures are performed at the Surgery Center of Winter Park, our fully accredited, freestanding surgical facility, what is known as an Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC). This licensure goes beyond the office surgery license (AAAASF) held by most plastic surgery facilities in our area. Our facility is licensed by the Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA), which is also responsible for licensing hospitals. This federal certification requires us to meet or exceed over 2,000 stringent standards that ensure your safety and comfort and the quality of your care.

Anesthesia Options

0Recently, some plastic surgeons have begun advertising that they always perform breast augmentation under local anesthesia. Surgeons that promote this, in the Orlando area at least, do so because they do not have fully accredited surgical center and cannot perform breast augmentations under general anesthesia even if they wanted to.

Dr. Sweeney is able to perform breast augmentation with only local anesthesia if that is what you want, but it is not his preferred method. Here is why:

  • Using only local anesthesia requires the injection of large amounts of fluid into the breasts which can distort their shape and diminish the ability to judge size and shape during the procedure
  • Higher doses of local anesthesia that may be required to ensure you feel no discomfort can actually be dangerous and can result in seizures or worse. The true tumescent technique of local anaesthesia is designed for injection into fat tissues for liposuction where high doses are safe. Similar doses injected into muscle and in the muscle space etc, may not be safe.
  • Dr. Sweeney knows that using a combination of light sedation combined with local and general anesthesia is ideal for reducing postoperative discomfort and recovery time. Most breast augmentation procedures are performed in less than 40 minutes, requiring only minimal amounts of anesthesia drugs. This means a very low incidence of side effects such as nausea. Most patients are able to be safely and comfortably discharged home within 30 minutes of the procedure.
  • Dr. Sweeney has performed over 3500 breast augmentations without a single anesthesia-related complication so he knows that it is safe

If you are talking to a doctor who advocates local anesthesia only for your breast augmentation, make sure that it is the best option, not just the cheapest or even the only option the doctor is able to offer.

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A Gentle Procedure

In the past, it was common to perform breast augmentation using blunt dissection to create the breast implant pocket, and some surgeons still do this today. Dr. Sweeney performs his procedure using specially designed fiberoptic instruments to minimize trauma to your body and most important cut any bleeding to almost zero, less than half a teaspoon of blood loss on average. He also uses direct visualization to further ensure that there is minimal trauma to the surrounding tissues when creating the pocket for the breast implant. At the time of the procedure long acting local anesthesia is used to irrigate the pocket before breast implant placement. This results in a significant reduction in post procedure discomfort. We also provide a prescription for a strong anti-inflammatory type of pain medicine that does not cause drowsiness or nausea. Many patients report taking only a minimal amount of the stronger pain medications that we provide as well just in case. Other techniques we always use are the ‘no-touch’ technique and irrigation of the implant pocket with antibiotic solution to minimize the risk of infection and capsular contracture. A gentle, meticulous and efficient procedure contributes greatly to a speedy, quick and easy recovery.

A Quick Procedure

Dr. Sweeney takes no shortcuts, but his experience and organized approach to surgery has contributed greatly toward making his breast augmentation procedures shorter. His practiced hands can work both gently and quickly so that most of his procedures only take 30-40 minutes, not including prep and recovery time.

If you would like to learn more about what makes Dr. Sweeney’s procedure special, please call or schedule a breast enhancement consultation in Winter Park, Orlando, or Central Florida.

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