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The award winning Cutera laser is the only system available that combines two precisely targeted laser wavelengths. We are now able to safely treat many skin types and colors. The Cutera excel V uses both 532 nm and 1064 nm to effectively reduce and diminish facial redness and veins, age and sun spots, and leg veins. Micro-pulses of energy during the Cutera laser genesis treatments deliver the 1064 nm wavelength in such a way that is stimulates the skin’s natural processes to reverse signs of aging, sun damage, and improve uneven texture. Treatment sessions are quick and comfortable. There is little to no downtime, which makes Cutera the ideal option for anyone looking to restore a vibrant and healthy looking complexion.


Check out Liz, our Cutera laser specialist, treating one of our patients for facial, neck and chest redness and broken blood vessels!


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