Blepharoplasty – Eyelid Surgery

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The eyelids are often the first facial features to show signs of aging, resulting in a sad, tired appearance in even the most energetic individual. Blepharoplasty can return youthful elegance to an individual’s face, making the eyes appear brighter and more refreshed. Browpexy is another procedure used to lift the brow without surgery. Some individuals experience an accumulation of fat in the lower eyelids creating persistent “bags” under the eyes. These “bags”, however, are not always related to aging. This tendency may be inherited and may appear in early life before the aging process becomes noticeable. Other individuals may notice the skin of the upper eyelids may become lax and impart a hooded appearance to the upper eyelids and, in severe instances, even obscure vision.

“Dear Dr. Sweeney, I had interviewed well for a position that was very important to me, however they indicated that I simply was not enthusiastic. There was no pain, I never even took a pain pill and after 1 week I was able to return to work. Considering that you had lifted my eyes, removed extra skin on the lids and applied a chemical Peel, I was amazed at the rate I healed. About 4 weeks after the surgery people began to ask if I had lost weight or what had I done. Now, people continue to be amazed at my age and I have even resorted to pulling out my driver’s license to prove my age. I look wonderful! I look awake, rested and youthful. I don’t look surprised!  I interviewed again for that position and of course I was selected, I was told I appeared so energetic and enthusiastic there was no competition. Thank you and your staff for a wonderful experience.”

-Deborah J. Turner

Because it is so tightly targeted, blepharoplasty eyelid surgery is ideal for combining with other procedures, such as Skin Resurfacing or a Facelift.

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