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Look in the mirror; if you’re 35 to 45 years old, chances are you will notice some drooping of your brow and cheeks, and an increase in the skin fold on each side of your nose.

Now place your hands on the skin on the sides of your face in the area of the temples and cheeks, and gently pull the skin up and back a little. Notice how this opens up your eyes, increases the prominence of your cheekbones, flattens the folds on the sides of your nose, and just takes 5 to 10 years off your age. Well this is the type of effect you can achieve with a Temporal Brow and Midface Lift.

This minimally invasive procedure is performed through short incisions behind the hairline, with or without an endoscope. Often it is performed in conjunction with other procedures such as upper eyelid skin removal (blepharoplasty)fat injection (lipostructure) to hollow areas and facial skin resurfacing with laser or chemical peel. The result is a refreshed, rested appearance without an ‘operated’ look.

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