VaserSmooth – A Solution for Cellulite

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The Bougainvillea Clinique is the first facility in Central Florida to introduce VaserSmooth™, the newest minimally invasive treatment for cellulite using Vaser® ultrasonic liposuction technology.

Cellulite has plagued women for generations, with even slim athletic women often showing the hated dimpling of the skin.

This characteristic dimpled appearance of the skin is caused by a combination of hardening of the connective tissue connections to the skin, with blockage of the circulation and lymphatics to the skin, and protrusion of the fat cells below the surface. Scientists have identified hormonal, genetic, and lifestyle factors as the causes of cellulite.

VaserSmooth™ allows Orlando plastic surgeon Dr. Walt Sweeney to cut the hardened connective tissue under the skin while simultaneously liquefying the bulging fat. This process releases the skin to redrape more smoothly and without the dimpling and bulges caused by cellulite.

Benefits of the VaserSmooth™ Procedure

VaserSmooth, in our opinion, is a safer alternative to other cellulite treatments such as Cellulaze®. Cellulaze is based on Smartlipo® technology, which we have offered in addition to Vaser liposuction for the last 5 years. Smartlipo uses a laser which generates a large amount of heat in order to melt fat, and in the case of Cellulaze to cut the fibers.

Although effective, the downside of Smartlipo technology is that in order to achieve the desired results, Dr. Sweeney has to work very close to the safe limit of laser energy. Because Vaser uses ultrasound instead of a laser, the amount of heat generated is much easier to control. Studies show that Vaser ultrasonic technology helps tighten skin similar to laser technologies, but without generating as much potentially damaging heat.

Both Vaser and Cellulaze are FDA-approved technologies, and the techniques are based on an existing liposuction technique that uses a V-notched probe called a Toledo dissector to cut the cellulite fibers. In the case of Cellulaze a V-shaped laser fiber is used, and in the case of VaserSmooth, a V-notched ultrasonic probe is used.

VaserSmooth ultrasonic energy liquefies the fat and allows the skin to slide easily and create a smooth surface as it heals.

Please contact the Bougainvillea Clinique today to learn more about VaserSmooth or schedule a consultation with Dr. Sweeney. We serve patients in Orlando, Winter Park, and throughout Central Florida.

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