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A young face is round and full. As we age, we the structural fat in our face decreases resulting in skin laxity.

To restore some of the structural fat of youth, the technique of Lipostructure™ can be used. Lipostructure involves gently harvesting your own fat in a similar fashion to traditional liposuction. The fat is then be reinjected where needed through small specially designed needles, into the lips, nasolabial folds, chin, and around the eye and temple areas. Contour deformities in other areas of the body can also be improved with this technique.

The procedure can be done in one sitting, or the fat can be frozen and re-injected in smaller amounts every few weeks. This is a very safe procedure, and can often be done under local anesthetic.

For more information on Lipostructure™ in Central Florida, please contact our liposuction surgeon, Dr. Hartog.


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