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The variety of attractions, year round sunshine and easy international access make Orlando one of the world’s most popular destinations. Here you can experience the magnificent natural beauty of Florida while taking advantage of the active and invigorating atmosphere generated by Orlando’s world famous attractions. There are many recreational options to choose from, each offering a variety of natural and historical attractions as well as endless sports and recreational activities.

Disney World, Universal Studios, Legoland,
the Space Coast, Great Golf – it’s all here!

Orlando is family oriented and affordable, and is the perfect spot for an exhilarating theme park, golf, beach or cruise getaway!

Cosmetic surgery at The Bougainvillea Clinique can be perfect for those who wish to avoid facing friends or family during the healing process or those who want to bring family, so that they can vacation at the same time. Once you are recovered from your procedure you can return home with your great new look, and no one will have to know but you.

Cosmetic Surgery Packages can include the cost of your procedure as well as travel and accommodation costs. Even when one includes travel and accommodation costs many people find that it is more affordable to have their surgery done here than in their own city, particularly if they can include some vacation time as well.

Previously we arranged air travel for our out of town patients, but we have found that air travel and car rentals can usually be arranged more conveniently and economically by those doing the traveling.

We can assist with hotel arrangements, as we maintain a list of different hotels and lodgings to suit the individuals’ tastes, budget, and of course whether family or children are accompanying you. If children are accompanying you, then generally it is preferable to stay close the Disney and Universal Studio attractions.

We can also assist with limousine service and nursing assistance if necessary. Frequently, out of town guests recover in our facility their first night, and then stay with a friend or family member in a hotel of their choice.

Depending on the nature of the procedure, we prefer that out of town guests remain in the area for 3-7 days.

When you contact us, it is helpful if you can provide information regarding the type of hotel and of course the number of friends or family who will be accompanying you. If you will not have anyone accompanying you, then it is essential that you spend the first night in our facility, and we arrange nursing assistance for you in your hotel after that, depending on the type of procedure.

For more information on our affordable getaway packages, please E-mail or call our office.

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