When You Should Consider a Necklift

Many people, especially women, are unhappy with the folds and wrinkles that appear on their neck, either because of time or because they have lost a great amount of weight in a short time. Fortunately, a necklift can restore some of the youthful smoothness of a neck that’s been around a while. Here at The Bougainvillea Clinique in Winter Park, FL, we are proud to provide this cosmetic option to our patients and encourage you to learn more about it.

Who is a Candidate for a Necklift?

As with other cosmetic procedures, the candidate for a necklift needs to be in good mental and psychological health and should have realistic expectations of the surgery. Before the necklift, they’ll have a consultation with the plastic surgeon who will examine their neck. If the person is considered a good candidate for the necklift, the doctor will give them instructions on what to do in the interim between the consultation and the operation. This will include giving up smoking and alcohol if they drink or smoke and stopping medications that would make healing from the surgery more difficult.

What are My Options?

There is more than one option available for those who wish to improve the appearance of their necks. At our clinic we offer the traditional surgical option, which tightens the skin in the midline of the neck as well as that upward behind the ears. For those unwilling to undergo surgery we provide such non-invasive options as ThermiRF and Kybella® fat dissolving treatment to enhance one’s jawline.

Get In Touch with Us for Further Information

If you look into the mirror and dislike the lines and loose skin on your neck, we warmly invite you to reach out and make an appointment with The Bougainvillea Clinique. At our convenient location in Winter Park, FL, Dr. Walt Sweeney and his caring team of professionals will be ready and eager to explain the necklift process in greater detail and answer any questions you may have. Contact us today to set up your consultation – we look forward to speaking with you!

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