• April 24, 2020

Last updated on April 26, 2023

Are you tired of going through all of the hassle involved with shaving your legs, underarms, face, and other places every day? If so, we invite you to learn how you can get rid of unwanted hair with laser hair removal.

In order for you to determine if laser hair removal is right for you, you need to understand how it works. Some people have the mistaken idea that the laser is used to burn the hair off. This is not true. The energy from the laser is absorbed by the pigmentation in the hair. This damages the hair follicle. When the hair follicle is damaged, it cannot produce more hair. So the area that is treated with the laser will be smooth, soft, and free of unwanted hair.

It is good for our clients to know that it takes a series of treatments for them to get long-lasting results. This is necessary because the follicles are only damaged when they are going through an active growing phase. Not all of the hair on your body is actively growing at this moment. Multiple treatments that are spaced apart by a set amount of time give us the best chance of treating all of the hair in one area and achieving the desired level of hair reduction.

The great thing about laser hair removal is that it can be used on almost any part of the body in order to get rid of unwanted hair. Many men visit our office and request hair to be removed from their back, chest, and neck. Women often request laser hair removal treatments in order to get rid of hair on their legs, underarms, and upper lip.

Many have found that using laser hair removal in problem areas produces good results. For example, some men have a lot of irritation when they shave their neck. They do not have the same irritation when they take advantage of laser hair removal.

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