October 29, 2012
Cellulite is truly one of the biggest obstacles we deal with everyday at the Bougainvillea Clinique. Patients know that liposuction will help reduce the size of an area(s) or that with a tummy tuck excess skin and fat will be removed but it’s the dimply skin that gives them headaches. Well now there is a minimally invasive technique that will actually smooth dimpled skin with long lasting results.

We are thrilled to offer Vasersmooth cellulite reduction treatment!

Dr. Hartog is the first in Central Florida to offer this revolutionary technique. In some cases, Vasersmooth may be performed without full sedation and the recovery time is minimal. Dr. Hartog will make a tiny incision and will break up tethered fatty tissues that create the uneven dimpled appearance.

Please call our office today for your complimentary consultation in our Winter Park office and save 30% when you schedule this procedure!


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