• December 30, 2021

Last updated on April 25, 2023

Patients with concerns regarding the slowly developing signs of aging on the face may be worried that they need to invest in an expensive plastic surgery procedure such as a brow lift or a facelift. Fortunately, many plastic surgeons offer nonsurgical approaches to many concerns, including the development of fine lines and wrinkles. Dr. Jeffery Hartog and his team at The Bougainvillea Clinique are here to assist men and women in learning more about nonsurgical treatments for aging skin, including the use of dermal filler injectables.

What is a dermal filler?

Our surgeon of The Bougainvillea Clinique is a professional ready to assist patients with finding ways to achieve a more youthful look. If you are considering ways ot address fine lines and wrinkles in the face and are ready to discuss nonsurgical choices, dermal fillers might be right for you. These injectables are of a gel-like consistency and often include an ingredient known as HA, or hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid maintains volume where it is injected, and can be absorbed into the skin over time. With this in mind, it is vital that patients understand that dermal fillers are not a permanent solution, but instead a temporary fix for unwanted fine lines and wrinkles. Most of the dermal fillers available will last anywhere from three to nine months, depending on where they are used and the severity of the lines they correct.

Who is a candidate for dermal fillers?

Dermal fillers are best for patients who have mild to moderate formation of fine lines and wrinkles caused by increased skin laxity. Patients who have more severe cases may still be better suited for plastic surgery procedures.

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At The Bougainvillea Clinique in Winter Park, FL, we are pleased to provide patients a selection of facial cosmetic surgery and medical day spa services for new and returning patients. Call the office of Our surgeon and his team at 4355 Bear Gully Road by calling (407) 678-3116 to request an appointment. The practice is open to patients considering breast, body, and facial procedures, both surgical and nonsurgical.

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If you are interested in learning more about dermal fillers and how they can help improve your appearance and boost your confidence, schedule a consultation with The Bougainvillea Clinique today. Our experienced team is available to work with you to create a personalized treatment plan that meets your aesthetic goals, whether surgical or nonsurgical. Call 407-678-3116 to request an appointment at our Winter Park, FL, area facility. doctor will always avoid obvious positioning for scars where possible, and scars will heal over time. This can be helped along with the use of a quality skincare routine.

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