• April 24, 2020

Last updated on April 26, 2023

There are a number of women who are looking for relief from back pain. They feel that the source of their back pain as well as other health issues stems from having large breasts. Some of these women turn to cosmetic surgeons looking for a breast reduction.

Usually, women who look for breast reduction surgery to help with back issues fall into two categories. There are younger women who, during puberty, developed very large breasts quickly while their bones were still developing. As a result, they never developed the musculoskeletal structure necessary to support the excessive weight of front. The second category are women who, after childbirth, developed large breasts and their breasts never returned to their original size.

For both groups of women, back pain, neck pain, and shoulder pain are an everyday reality. They may deal with uncomfortable rashes underneath their breasts as well as cuts and other marks on their body caused by their bra.

How Can Breast Reduction Surgery Help with Back Pain?

A good cosmetic surgeon will to work closely with their patients. The goal is going to be to remove a sufficient amount of breast tissue to reduce the excess weight and remove the load on their back and shoulders. The amount of tissue that is removed is going to vary from patient to patient. Factors that will be considered include their height, their body surface area, and their weight.

How Quickly Will Patients Experience Relief?

Most patients will experience relief right after the procedure. This, of course, takes into consideration that the patient does not have any other conditions that are contributing to their back or neck pain.

What to Expect during Breast Reduction Surgery

During the surgery, excess breast tissue is removed and the breasts and nipples are repositioned. When the surgery is complete, the breasts should be proportional to the patient’s body size and should be lifted, giving them a more attractive look.

This is an outpatient procedure. The patient should be able to go home the same day. Within a couple of weeks, the patient will be able to go back to work and back to their everyday activities. A matter of months after the surgery, recovery will be complete.

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