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At the Bougainvillea Clinique we have been performing fat grafting procedures using banked fat in patient for over 9 months and my first impressions are very positive.

Prior to June of 2011, we utilized the fat banking services of Biolife in Dallas. In June of 2011 we installed our own Liquid Gold tm Lipobank in our adjacent surgery center. The Adrecyte Regenerative Medical and Surgical Center. This is the first Cytori Stem Source Mini-lipobank that is clinic based in the world. Since adding this option to our patients we have banked over a dozen patients, with at least 3-4 more banking procedures every month, increasing as patients become aware of the benefits of banking their own fat from liposuction. Of the patients who have banked their own fat, 6 have now had repeated procedures using frozen banked fat. Remember, most of these patients had an initial grafting procedure with fresh fat when the fat was first harvested. The banked fat has been used now in the face, breast and hand, and it appears that we have excellent survival of the fat. In the past I have found that the results of fat grafting can usually be judged after 2-3 months, when all the swelling has subsided, and once can assess the final ‘take’ of the graft. Grafting with banked fat appears to be no different. Most importantly, there have been no complications with any of the procedures, the patients have tolerated the repeated fat grafting procedures done simply in the office with only local anaesthesia. They also appear to have very little inflammation or swelling. The fat appears to be retained in similar fashion to fresh fat, and appears to support the data that frozen fat maintains about 85-90% of it’s viability after thawing.

The fact that fresh fat is the ideal material is obvious, but it is not always convenient or economical for our patients. The increased convenience  to my patients of having banked fat is clear. No further liposuction procedures are required, and small amounts of fat can easily be retrieved for touchups. My approach to fat grafting, especially in the face, is that it should be layered in over time to get the best results. Fat banking makes this much more convenient and economical for my patients. When one calculates the cost of banked fat to the patient over time, the costs are a fraction of what they would pay for any other filler material. Another benefit of banked fat is that the consistency of the fat is much smoother which makes it much easier for placing the fat closer to the skin and around the eyes. In one breast reconstruction case, follow-up MRI appears to show excellent survival of the fat without any noted problems such as cysts or calcifications thus far.

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